Wildest Dreams is theALMOND's first loungewear collection.
Inspired by those who dare to go further without going outside, those who dream without fear and know that the best moments and the craziest ideas occur where we feel most comfortable: in our home.
Write down your dreams, from the simplest to the wildest. Keep them in a box and revisit them in five years time. We are sure you will be surprised..

Dream Robe Beige Dream Robe Beige
Dream Robe Beige
Regular price $92.00
Dream Robe Green Dream Robe Green
Dream Robe Green
Regular price $92.00
pijama rosa classico blessing classico pijama verde blessing
Pijama Blessing
Regular price $95.00
pijama verde cropped thealmond pijama cropped bege thealmond
Pijama Attitude
Regular price $92.00
conjunto hope kimono rosa pijama conjunto hope kimono rosa pijama
Pijama Hope
Regular price $98.00
Kimono Hope Kimono Hope
Kimono Hope
Regular price $64.00
Attitude Pijama Top Attitude Pijama Top
Attitude Pijama Top
Regular price $60.00
theALMOND Candle theALMOND Candle
theALMOND Candle
Regular price $45.00
difusor thealmond milk saudade aromas difusor aromas thealmond saudade
theALMOND Difusor
Regular price $50.00
thealmond recarga difusor aromas
Diffusor refill
Regular price $22.00

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